“The Yaounde Conference Centre deserved this celebration of its 40 years”

2 November 2022 | NEWS

Because of the celebration of its 40 years, the Yaounde Conference Centre received distinguished personalities this Tuesday, November 01, 2022, at the official launch of the celebrations. A wine of honour was given for the occasion.

The opening ceremony of the festivities marking the 40th anniversary of the Conference Centre was held this Tuesday, November 1, 2022. Among the guests were members of the government, including the Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education, Jacques Fame Ndongo, and his counterparts of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, Small and Medium Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts, Achille Bassilekin III, among others. It was a question of honouring the building which is in a way the symbol of the Cameroonian nation. So many events of a political, economic, cultural and diplomatic nature are held there daily.

And the Minister of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, can recognize it: ” I think that the Conference Centre deserved a celebration of forty years” It is a magnificent building that has rendered enormous services to our country. Obviously, it is a space that has hosted many events of a political, economic and cultural nature. I believe that Cameroonians can congratulate themselves for having a building like this one, first of all, which makes our country proud and secondly, which arouses admiration among many visitors. I think it was good for the Conference Centre management team to pay tribute, to put it that way, to this building, even if the buildings do not have the same feeling as the people. But I think it was better like that, ” said Rene Emmanuel Sadi, Minister of Communication.

For the Director General of the Yaounde Conference Centre, Christophe Mien Zok, the building must retain its charm and its achievements of the past forty years. This requires an improvement taking into account the evolution of technology.

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By Jean Materne Zambo



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