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Several ranges of solutions are offered to customers. At the Yaounde Conference Centre, our prices are adapted to your budget. Today, with the help of our various partners, we offer a wide range of services, turnkey. Our qualified staff offers you customized solutions to optimize your event.

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Rental of meeting and conference rooms

Inaugural room

Tripartite Room

Meeting room

Lower level rooms

Your events also in the open air

A bucolic setting for your outdoor events
A bucolic setting for your outdoor events
A bucolic setting for your outdoor events
A bucolic setting for your outdoor events

Giant screens…

The Yaounde Conference Centre hosts national and international events on a permanent basis. Events that require this structure to have the latest technical equipment to continue to satisfy its customers.

Aware of this issue, the General Management of the Yaounde Conference Centre has made some adjustments. In the large hall of the main building, the presence of a digital screen 15m wide by 3m high does not go unnoticed. This screen has the function of broadcasting messages and advertisements.

The Totem screens, for their part, inform users of the times and rooms of the various scheduled events. This equipment, we learn from the IT Manager of the Yaounde Conference Centre Daniel Kea, is part of the six giant screens that allow broadcasting the events and totem screens acquired under the contract plan. Also, in the room of 1500 seats, a screen of 36m2 is installed on a wall of 8m long and 4m high; and in the room of 400 seats, is installed another giant screen of 16m2.


Catering with local flavors, Western flavor

The Yaounde Conference Centre and the Saveurs du Monde caterer share the same client file. In day-to-day operations, the customer finalizes his reservation procedure at the Yaounde Conference Center and is redirected to the Traiteur Saveurs du Monde sales team. Menu proposals are presented to him according to his budget and the number of people expected at his event.

Once the agreement has been reached between the parties, the client has one week before the date of his event to settle his invoice and obtain the services of Traiteur Saveurs du Monde.

Space and furniture are allocated to the client by the Yaounde Conference Centre for the setting up of its cocktail. Once the meal is delivered and arranged, the customer first proceeds alone to taste and sign a delivery slip. For the rest, the decor and the service are a matter of professionals.


Here, honour first of all the flavours of Cameroon and then comes the rest of the world. In all the proposals of the menu, you will find Ndolè, Folon, Ndomba of meat or fish, Sanga, Mbongo Tchobi, Eru, pistachio dish, etc. These local dishes are very often seasoned with spices abounding in our region. Tasty dishes that are also composed of vegetables, fish and meat.

n addition, the Saveurs du Monde caterer knows how to adapt to all budgets: from the Sandwich Formula to the Prestige Buffet via a turnkey formula, the caterer makes it a point of honour to provide personalized service. One of the attractions of Traiteur Saveurs du Monde is these delicious natural fruit juices.

Flavours offered are pineapple, ginger and orange. To these should be added papaya, baobab, soursop and passion fruit. Of course, there are possible mixtures with lemon or cucumber. These natural fruit juices are organic and 100% natural.

Yaounde Conference Center catering service: meeting customer requirements
Yaounde Conference Center catering service: meeting customer requirements

Premium service awaits you

The Yaounde Conference Centre staff is looking forward to making your event an exceptional and memorable meeting.

A qualified staff

For your work, for your installations, our teams of technicians accompany you for the success of your event.

Our exceptional services are for you!

Sound system (console in technical cabin)

The Yaounde Conference Centre has state-of-the-art sound equipment for your events. Including conference microphones.

Standard 35 mm film projection booth and cinemascope

The Yaounde Conference Centre has a 35 mm film projection booth to the standard of cinema halls.

Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation service in seven languages ​​as well as booths for interpreters available.


Giants screens

Giant screens with base and multimedia totems are available whenever you want. Both in the halls and in the rooms.


Video surveillance

A device of video surveillance camera is installed at the Yaounde Conference centre to ensure your safety.


Our VIP rooms


Your event in Live streaming!

Do not wait any longer! Take advantage of exceptional discounts by booking your room three months before your event. Possibility to have up to 20% discount if you book 100 days before.

Also, thanks to its partner ICT Media STRATEGIES which offers professional live streaming services, you can choose to broadcast your event live on your own Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Zoom pages.

Archive in video, boost your e-Reputation and develop your branding and your brand image by broadcasting online on the Internet and on your social networks your events at the Yaounde Conference Centre. Our partner ICT Media STRATEGIES supports you in this regard.

“We pledge as well as reiterate our determination to put our know-how and professionalism on the line to continue to offer you the highest quality services whenever you organize an event on the heights of Mount Nkol-Nyada.”

Christophe MIEN ZOK

GM of the Yaounde Conference Centre