About the Yaounde Conference Centre

Welcome to the heights of Mount Nkol-Nyada!

The Yaounde Conference Centre was inaugurated on May 12, 1982, seven years after the laying of the first stone, the Palais des Congrès in Yaoundé plays its role as a conference centre well by hosting major national and international events organized by the Cameroonian authorities.

Divided into three pavilions, it has a large inaugural hall with 1,500 seats, a tripartite hall with 400 seats, two with 100 seats and several others with 50 seats. In addition, there are two large halls of nearly 2000 m2 each, a hall-balcony and two lobbies.

The building, designed as a conference centre, has a multi-purpose space for any political, economic or cultural activity.

The building is not an ordinary place. The site of the Yaounde Conference Centre is without doubt, the largest institution open to the public after the Palace of Unity. Moreover, on the heights of Nkol-Nyada where it stands, the Yaounde Conference Centre offers an almost unparalleled panoramic view of Yaoundé, the city of seven hills.

The site is also renowned for its size, estimated at 18 hectares with 27,000 m2 of green space, 7,169 m2 of rooms and 10 meeting rooms with a capacity of 50 to 2000 seats. There is also a high standing lounge of 150 m2.

On the heights of Nkol-Nyada, the visitor or user has the choice of the lower part. There are four halls ranging from 25 to 2000 m2 and, above all, a 1500-seat open-air amphitheatre, the perfect place for a film screening or private concerts. It is also possible to use the esplanades located on the corners, North, South, West, and East and the esplanade Bas Fond des Mats. This infrastructure, the fruit of the cooperation between Cameroon and China has also become a historical landmark.



Place of great meetings!


It is within one of its rooms, today called “Tripartite Room” that the living forces of the nation met at the beginning of the 1990s to lay the foundations of democratic governance with the return to multipartyism and the procession of freedom laws.

More recently, the Yaounde Conference Centre hosted the work of the great national dialogue. The Yaounde Conference Centre also hosts the institutions of the Republic. The Head office of the Senate for example It is in the heart of the Yaounde Conference Centre that the General Secretariat of the Upper House of the Cameroonian Parliament is located. All the ordinary sessions of the Senate are organized in the Inaugural Hall.

The versatility of this space allows adjustments according to the great national or international events that the country hosts. Inaugurated on May 12, 1982, by Amadou Ahidjo, the first president of Cameroon, the Yaounde Conference Centre has been renovated. The work was launched in August 2015 and was completed at the end of the first half of 2017.

“We pledge as well as reiterate our determination to put our know-how and professionalism on the line to continue to offer you the highest quality services whenever you organize an event on the heights of Mount Nkol-Nyada.”

Christophe Mien ZOK, GM of the Yaounde Conference Centre.


Large halls


In m², surface area of green spaces

Laying of the foundation stone of the Yaounde Conference Centre.

May 12, 1982

Inauguration of the Yaounde Conference Centre.

June 27, 2017

End of the renovation works of the Yaounde Conference Centre.

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