40th anniversary of the Conference Centre: Christophe Mien Zok has put the dishes in the big ones.

5 November 2022 | NEWS

The festivities ended on November 04, 2022, with an evening show followed by a dinner for the attention of members of the government and the public who came in large numbers.

Memorable! So we could qualify for the end of the evening show of the demonstrations of the 40th anniversary of the Palais des Congrès this Friday, November 04, 2022. Whether it is the organization which was one of the highlights of these four-day demonstrations or the end festivities, the anniversary has kept its promises.

For the dinner offered to the guests, three buffets were prepared. One in the lobby, the other two in the “Saveurs du monde” restaurant. For dessert, an imposing birthday cake at the height of the event. The whole is crowned by the detonations of fireworks at the foot of the steps. In the crowd, we could notice nods, as if to testify to the success of the event.

This organization is to be credited to GM Christophe Mien Zok, said Chairman Aminatou Ahidjo earlier in her speech for the occasion. “I particularly thank the Director General who had the idea of ​​organizing this fortieth anniversary and who involved everyone in supporting this event…”

The evening show started around 5 p.m. and ended around 8 p.m.

By Jean Matern Zambo



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